The ABC- Dunhill Recording Group
"The Greatest Band Never Heard"
This web page is dedicated to the memory of my good friend, and a wonderful guy to all who knew and loved him.
"Big Dee Ervin"
(Sometimes spelled Erwin)
A member of the "Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame", who went to meet the Master
but will live on through the great songs he sung, wrote and produced.
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My name is Earl Foster, In 1974, I was called by my good friend the late Difosco T. Ervin, aka Big Dee Ervin, a staff producer at ABC-Dunhill Records, to play and sing on a track that was actually the fade out of a record that he produced, the fade was jammin' harder than the record. After I added my touch to the track, Dee named the record, of all things, "Coke" and named the artist "Tribe", I don't know how he came up with these names, except that Dee was a man with a great sense of humor, and if you knew him, you knew that this move was vintage Dee. Since all of the leads on the track were done by me, I became Tribe by default, talk about being in the right place at the right time! I made Dee promise that if the record did anything, the recording contract was to be mine, and Dee agreed.I continued playing with my group "The Fourth Parallel", cool name huh?, a local L.A. Band and promptly forgot about the record. About a month later, Dee called me and told me that the record had made the charts, and was climbing fast. But if you know anything about the record business, it's best not to, "Count Your Chickens", or you might be in for a stay at the Heartbreak Hotel.
You can imagine my shock when a week later I was contacted by Dee, and was told to come in to ABC- Dunhill for a meeting with Otis Smith, who was then, the Vice-President of the R & B division. Can you believe it, me, Earl J. Foster Jr., was signed to a recording contract with ABC-Dunhill Records, on the strength of a song I recorded as a lark, the fade out of a song whose name could be a great trivia question, in fact I don't know the name of the original track.
I promptly changed the name of my band from, "The Fourth Parallel", to "Tribe", and we went on to do many concerts, and TV shows, and did quite well, go figure! The original members of Tribe were Bob Apodaca bass, Eddie Romias, Guitar, Benton Miles Little, drums, Donald Eubanks Percussion and Earl J. Foster Jr. Keyboards. Because of the controversy the name "Coke" caused, the record was renamed, "Smoke", because it rhymed with coke, and although the record was riding the charts, the confusion caused by the name change doomed the record. The group however, went on to record the album "Ethnic Stew" and the album rode the charts led by the hit single "Tribe".

"Cashbox, Record World, Billboard and the Top Ten British Singles Chart"

Hell, we even had the number one record in Todendorf Germany and Washington DC, how's that for diversity? The group traveled extensively throughout the United States, Europe and the Far East. After a complete personnel change, the Group recorded another two albums, one for ABC-Dunhill Records, called "Tribal' Bumpin'", and a record called "Dedication"for an Indie Label called Farr Records before finally disbanding. There are a lot of groups out there calling themselves Tribe, but we were the original, the real McCoy, and now, you know:

"The Rest Of The Story"
Tribe Discography:

Tribe that was founded and produced by Big Dee Ervin. The Members from Right to Left are:
Benton Miles Little (Drums & Vocals),
Donald D. Eubanks (Percussion & Vocals),
Earl J. Foster Jr. (Keyboards & Vocals),
Edward H. Romias (Guitar & Vocals),
Robert P. Apodaca (Bass & Vocals)

The first edition of the group


"Ethnic Stew" ABC-Dunhill

The World Should Learn To Party TogetherLovin' On The Outside
TribeLovin' On The Outside

We've Got To Live Together
Think People
Young Warrior
Let Me In To Your Life
Siggy Siggy
What Am I Gonna Tell My Wife
Smoke (Part1)
Lovin' On The Outside
Tribe that was founded and produced by Big Dee Ervin & Earl Foster The Members from Right to Left Top are:
Gelon Lau (Violin & Vocals),
Benton Miles Little (Drums & Vocals),
Edward H. Romias (Guitar & Vocals),
Robert P. Apodaca (Bass & Vocals)
Earl J. Foster Jr. (Keyboards & Vocals),
The Good Guys From The Bad
Love Is A Mystery
Tribal' Bumpin'
Montezuma's Revenge
Who Am I
Hung Up Strung Out Nose Wide Open
We've Got Work To Do
Real And Really For Real
Ebony Lady
Give Me One More Day
Tribal Bumpin'" ABC-Dunhill

This is the second edition of the group



This third edition of Tribe was produced by Jardine Clyde Powell, Harold Davis & Earl J. Foster Jr. for P.D.F. Productions.
The Members from Right to Left to Right Are:
Earl J. Foster Jr. (Keyboards & Vocals),
Clyde Jardine Powell (Bass)
Billy Soto (Guitar & Vocals)
Jimmie A. Clapper (Saxophone)
Benjamin Taylor (Lead Vocals)
Harold Clayton (Lead Vocals)
Harold Davis (Drums)
Share It
Vulcan Voyage
Love You Like a Brother
Ain't Nothing But A Party
Got To Be Something More
Baby Feet
Funky Reggae
Celebrate Your Love