MidiCity Sound Is A Way Cool "State Of The Art" Midi Pre-Production Project Studio, Located On The Treasure Coast Of Florida
photofacefun_com_1466709634Send us your AIFF, MP3's, for keyboard overdubs, your songs by email,
Cassette, Dat or Minidisc for demos,
You can go online and upload your song files to our SendSpace Dropbox.

Let us do that next jingle for your company or product. We offer the latest in digital recording Our equipment list is as follows:

page2_4 Power Macintosh 6 Core
page2_5 Tons of In the Box Virtual Instruments
page2_6 MOTU Digital Performer 9
page2_8 Logic Pro X
page2_7 The Latest Mark Of The Unicorn Hard Disk Recording System
page2_8 Reason 8.0
page2_8 AKG 414
page2_8Yamaha NS10M Studio Monitors

Virtual Instruments

Native Instruments Komplete
Neo Soul Keys 4.0
Chis Hein Horns
Mojo Horns
XLN Addictive Drums
BFD Drums
And many more…………