Sherry Pruitt’s CD
“I’ve Been Bamboozled”
Sherry Pruitt, “The Texas Songbird’s” debut CD on Rizing Sun Records
Is Released
LOS ANGELES, California. -- January 1, 2018 -- Rizing Sun Records today announced, the release of “I’ve Been Bamboozled”, a new CD by Sherry Pruitt The Texas Songbird, I I’ve Been Bamboozled is a smoking hot collection of not your average blues, yes it has some of the same ideas of love lost and found, cheating and skulduggery, with a playful play on words, but the great storytelling is evident throughout the whole CD, the music writhes turns into delicious territories using the lexicons of past and present to describe the travails of the human condition. Ms. Sherry Pruitt, with her fabulous voice brings alive the songwriting of master songsmith Earl J Foster Jr., CEO of Rizing Sun Records and his unique style of humerus hyperbole, and thoughtful themes, and Ms. Sherry Pruitt, herself an excellent writer, who provides her own special flair to the project. I think that you will enjoy this CD immensely, and find it when you listen to it, that like a good book, you always hear something new, I’ve Been Bamboozled is a sure hit.
Produced By Earl J. Foster Jr.
Wilton St. Music BMI
Executive Producer’s Ray Bailey , Camarillo Concepts Publishing BMI
Sherry Pruitt Texas Songbird Music BMI
Todd Huge
Recorded in 2018 A
t MidiCity Sound & Huge Sound Underground
Recording Engineer Engineer Todd Huge
Mastered by Shaun Morris Headroom Mastering NYC
I’ve Been Bamboozled RSR-SP-001

1. Stay Away From My Man
2. Before I Give Myself To You
3. Thrift Shop Baby
4. I'm A Cougar 
5. My Man Is Hot
6. Mr. Big Man
7. I Gotta Move On
8. A Woman Needs Love
9. Shane On You
10. I’ve Been Bamboozled